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HIC team 2023 - northern ghana - grid-nea- leyaata hospital
'hernia international carpenter' surgical team 2023  at leyaata hospital
Dr Anne Smith and Dr Jennifer Wilson - Helping babies Breathe, 2023, at Leyaata Hospital

2023 - November Mission with Ghana Health Partners to Leyaata Hospital

90 Hernias in 9 days

We have just returned from Leyaata hospital after the November 2023 mission. Hernia International Carpenter partnering with our friends and partners from GRID in Canada to form the Ghana Health partners to support the development of services at the newly commissioned Leyaata Hospital.  

This was a great success - with the focus on partnerships, mentoring and education.

HIC supported a surgical and anaesthesia team, Rob Hicks, Consultant surgeon, Karen Leyden, Consultant Anaesthetist, Nichola Patterson and Ebenezer Boateng from the Circle Hospital, Three Shires in Northampton.

Anne Smith, Consultant Paediatrician at Northampton General  led a programme of education for midwives - Helping Babies Breathe.

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